• Easing congestion

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    Up to 52 traffic lights bypassed

  • Connecting Communities

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    More time with family

  • Creating jobs

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    Almost 10,000 jobs created

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Construction commenced in 2015

Stage 1

M4 Widening and M4 East Motorway
Parramatta to Haberfield
Completion date 2019

Stage 2

New M5 Beverly Hills to St Peters
Completion date 2020

Stage 3

M4-M5 Link
Haberfield to St Peters
Completion date 2023

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The WestConnex route between the M4 and M5 Stage 1: M4 Widening and M4 East Parramatta to Haberfield completed 2019 Stage 2: New M5 Beverly Hills to St Peters complete by 2020 Stage 3: M4-M5 Link Haberfield to St Peters completed by 2023

Did you know?

WestConnex will not impact on local air quality

Transferring vehicles from surface roads into free-flowing tunnels is likely to improve the air quality along existing surface roads where surface traffic is reduced.

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New life for historic sandstone

Historic sandstone pieces dating back to the late 1800’s are set to be showcased in the Blue Mountains thanks to an innovative recycling concept by the WestConnex project team.

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"The Hulk" finishes M4 work

The giant green crane known as “The Hulk” working on WestConnex’s M4 widening project has completed its final lift.

The 750 tonne crane has been a point of interest for motorists travelling on the M4 over the past six months, nicknamed "The Hulk" because of its distinctive green colour, imposing size and strength.

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