Reduce your administration fee and avoid a possible $184 penalty

If you do not pay your toll by the due date, you may receive a penalty notice for $184.

To avoid a $184 penalty notice and reduce your administration fee, simply pay your toll notice with a valid tag account before the due date.

Follow the two steps below to pay your toll notice with a valid tag account and reduce the $10 or $20 administration fee, avoiding a $184 penalty notice.

Step 1

Contact your chosen provider to:

  • open an account linked to your vehicle
  • link your vehicle to an existing tag account
  • update the payment details to resolve any issues with your account. 18 65 86 55
Transurban 76 26 555 833

Step 2

When you have received the new tag or resolved any issues on your existing account, use it to pay the toll. Refer to the payment slip on your notice for how you can do this.