M4-M5 Link Concept Design

The M4-M5 Link is the third stage of WestConnex and will link the New M4 Motorway at Haberfield to the New M5 Motorway at St Peters as well as the Iron Cove Bridge and Rozelle Interchange.

The M4-M5 Link Concept Design has been released for community feedback. The design shown has been informed by the results of technical investigations and community feedback to date.

We are continuing to develop and refine the design of the M4-M5 Link. Our technical investigations are continuing and this extended consultation period will result in further changes and improvements to the design. Pending project approval, the final M4-M5 Link design will be confirmed when a preferred contractor has been appointed. This is expected to be in 2018.

The concept design includes:

  • the proposed alignment for the main tunnels, Rozelle Interchange and Iron Cove Link, as well as indicative tunnel depths for each of the areas
  • a range of options for construction sites and amenities
  • the proposed location of surface connections and facilities, including ventilation facilities
  • details of active transport (walking and cycling) improvements
  • draft masterplans for the Rozelle Rail Yards and St Peters, and a concept plan for Victoria Road, near the Iron Cove Bridge.

For more information, you can view the online M4-M5 Link Concept Design, or the printable version.

Section 1

About this concept design

Section 2

The M4-M5 Link

Section 3

Evolution of the M4-M5 Link Concept Design

Section 4

Purpose of the concept design consultation

Section 5

We are listening

Section 6


Section 7

Ventilation facilities

Section 8

Newtown/St Peters

Section 9


Section 10


Section 11


Section 12

Rozelle – Rozelle Rail Yards and Lilyfield

Section 13

Rozelle – Victoria Road and the Iron Cove Link

Section 14

Active Transport Network

Section 15

Environmental Impact Statement


Have your say on the Concept Design

On the New M4 and New M5 projects, the community provided us with feedback that they would have liked to have been consulted earlier in the design process. As a result, for the M4-M5 Link, we started community consultation while the design was being developed.

There are multiple opportunities for you to have your say on the Concept Design. All feedback will be considered and, wherever we can, we will use your ideas to help create better outcomes for the community:

Feedback on the Concept Design should be made on or before the 4th of August to be considered as part of the EIS preparation. Formal submissions on the M4-M5 Link EIS can be made during the EIS consultation period, which will commence upon its release in mid-August.

Community feedback has been instrumental to shaping the design of the M4-M5 Link project. Key outcomes have included:

  • the removal of the exit and entry ramps at Camperdown
  • the removal of Easton Park, Derbyshire Road and Blackmore Oval as potential construction sites
  • an Active Transport Strategy that will improve local pedestrian and cycle networks
  • consultation on the M4-M5 Link Concept Design before the Environmental Impact Statement consultation.

The community will have further opportunities to give feedback on the M4-M5 Link project when the EIS is released in mid-2017. EIS submissions will be considered by the Department of Planning and Environment as part of its overall assessment of the project.