M4-M5 Link Concept Design

Consultation on the M4-M5 Link Concept Design ran from 12 May to the 4 August 2017. This non-statutory 12-week consultation period sought to provide the community and other stakeholders with a better understanding of what is being planned for the M4-M5 Link as well as the opportunity to provide feedback.

The concept design included:

  • the proposed alignment for the main tunnels, Rozelle Interchange and Iron Cove Link, as well as indicative tunnel depths for each of the areas
  • a range of options for construction sites and amenities
  • the proposed location of surface connections and facilities, including ventilation facilities
  • details of active transport (walking and cycling) improvements
  • draft masterplans for the Rozelle Rail Yards and St Peters, and a concept plan for Victoria Road, near the Iron Cove Bridge.

You can view the online M4-M5 Link Concept Design, or the printable version.