Urban design and visual amenities

  • All planning for the M4-M5 Link will take the existing landscape into consideration. Buildings and other structures, such as ventilation facilities, will be designed to blend in appropriately with the local environment.
  • As part of the project, urban design and landscaping works would be carried out at the Rozelle Rail Yards and Iron Cove link. An Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP) would be prepared prior to the commencement of permanent built surface works and/or landscaping, and would identify and facilitate the establishment of urban design, landscaping and open space initiatives within the Rozelle Rail Yards and at Iron Cove.
  • The UDLP would be prepared in consultation with stakeholders and the community, be consistent with the New M4 and New M5 project UDLP’s and would present an integrated urban and landscape design for the project.

Further information on Urban Design and Landscape Planning can be found in Chapter 13 of the EIS.

Active transport

  • Making it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to travel is a core component of urban design.
  • The M4-M5 Link project will create improved cycling and pedestrian links – especially in and around the Rozelle Rail Yards. This will connect the suburbs of Lilyfield, Rozelle, Annandale and Glebe, and provide better connections to The Bays Precinct.
  • The M4-M5 Link project will also integrate the Iron Cove active transport network along the southern edge of Victoria Road, linking Rozelle in the east and Drummoyne and The Bay Run in the north, and reducing reliance on local roads and motorways for short journeys.

Further details on active transport connectivity are outlined in Appendix N of the EIS.

Protecting our heritage and the environment

  • Sydney Motorway Corporation will work with local community members and stakeholders to minimise any potential impacts on Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal heritage within the project area. An early assessment has found the project will not impact on any heritage items of State and Commonwealth significance
  • We are actively working to understand the potential impacts of the project on fauna, flora and the environment within the project area so that these can be managed and reduced. 

Further details around the protection of our heritage and environment can be found in Chapters 20 and 21 of the EIS. A summary of potential biodiversity impacts is outlined in Appendix S of the EIS.

Residual land management

Not all land used for construction would be required for the operation of the M4-M5 Link. A Residual Land Management Plan would be prepared in consultation with the relevant council and would consider feasible uses for identified surplus land.

Surplus land around the Wattle Street interchange at Haberfield and the St Peters interchange would be managed in accordance with the New M4 and New M5 projects’ respective Residual Land Management Plans and UDLPs.

Further information regarding the use of surplus land can be found in Chapter 12, Section 12.3.1, of the EIS.