Darley Road civil and tunnel site

The proposed construction site at 7 Darley Road in Lilyfield, is located between the light rail line, City West Link and Darley Road. Immediately adjacent in the northeast corner of the site is the Leichhardt North Light Rail stop.

  • This site would provide support for tunnelling as well as construction of the permanent Darley Road operations facility, including a water treatment plant; and substation.
  • Major construction activities that would take place at this site include site establishment and utility works; tunnelling; construction of operational infrastructure; civil and mechanical fitout and landscaping.
  • Roadheaders would be launched from this site and would excavate the temporary access tunnel and the mainline tunnels.

Further details on proposed construction activities at the Darley Road civil and tunnel site are outlined in Chapter 6, Section 6.5.8 of the EIS.

Access routes

  • It is anticipated that most construction traffic would enter the site from the southern (westbound) carriageway of Darley Road via new temporary driveways.
  • We are investigating alternative access arrangements for heavy vehicles to and from the Darley Rd civil and tunnel site to minimise the impact on the local community and existing roads. Heavy vehicle access to and from the site could be via City West Link. Temporary access from City West Link to the site utilising the existing maintenance road adjacent to the light rail station with a temporary ramp connection back to City West Link could be constructed to optimise access. Alternative access arrangements would be assessed in the Preferred Infrastructure Report and/or in accordance with relevant conditions of approval and would be documented in an Ancillary Facilities Management Plan.
  • It is anticipated that 100 heavy vehicles and 70 light vehicles would enter and exit the site every day.

Changes to traffic routes

We expect some modifications to the road network or to pedestrian and cyclist facilities. Alternative routes and diversions would be determined by the appointed contractor in consultation with the council and community.


  • We would introduce a temporary right-hand turn lane to allow construction traffic to access Darley Road from City West Link.
  • Temporary diversions along Darley Road may be required during construction. One lane in each direction along Darley Road (between around Francis Street and Charles Street at Leichhardt) would generally be maintained, with temporary closures to one lane required for construction vehicle access.
  • Kerbside parking along the northern (eastbound) carriageway of Darley Road between around Francis Street and Charles Street would be removed (around 20 spaces) during construction, and reinstated once construction is completed.

Pedestrians and cyclists

  • Temporary closure of the footpath on the northern side of Darley Road between Canal Road and Darley Road may be required.
  • There is a cycle route on Darley Road that connects to the Lilyfield Road commuter route via the City West Link/James Street intersection. No diversions would be required, but traffic management measures – such as a Traffic Controller stationed at the entry and exit driveways – could be implemented to manage interactions between construction vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.