Increase in open space along the New M4 corridor

The Legacy Project aims to provide safe, vibrant and high quality open spaces for communities impacted by construction of the New M4 by delivering 5.76 hectares of additional land for community use and improving existing spaces. The concept plans look beyond the motorway to provide better pedestrian and cycle connections, linking to existing local and regional networks.

To increase the amount of land available for open space, SMC is pleased to be working with Roads and Maritime in an unprecedented approach which will see residual land allocated for use as open space.

To maximise long as well as short term benefits for the community, we have enabled the potential for future embellishments and developed master plans for future improvements.  We have coordinated with others such as the Greater Sydney Commission, Sydney Water and councils to ensure that our concept plans are integrated with their current and future projects.

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About The Legacy Project

In our previous consultation with the community, Sydney Motorway Corporation has advised that the residual land (land use for constuction purposes but not required for the operation of the New M4 tunnel) would be remediated and returned to Roads and Maritime Services after construction finished.

Following ongoing feedback from the community regarding urban design and landscape, including a formal exhibition and submission period of the Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP), we began investigating options for future use of certain residual land by the community.

The Legacy Project provides an integrated approach to master planning open spaces surrounding the motorway and will result in a net increase in open space being made available to the communities of Strathfield, City of Canada Bay and Inner West councils.

We are pleased to be working with Roads and Maritime Services to deliver an unprecedented residual land use plan for open space and community uses.  


How is The Legacy Project different to previous consultation on the M4 East?

The Legacy Project applies to some land adjacent to the motorway including residual land, landscaped areas and in some instances, other public land adjacent to residual land sites identified in the UDLP.

The Legacy Project does not apply to the motorway itself or to previously approved motorway features such as such as road configuration or location of operational buildings.


Community workshops

Preliminary workshops were held in early March 2017 for community members who expressed interest  - one for the Haberfield/Ashfield area and one for the Concord/Homebush/North Strathfield area.

Participants were provided with maps and asked to develop a mini "master-plan" for the area, considering:

  • existing issues in the community as well as those arising from the M4 East
  • the suitability of the proposed land use options based on community needs and gaps in local infrastructure, services and recreation.

Each group nominated a spokesperson who then presented their ideas to the room.

A joint council workshop was also held and a range of supplementary meetings were held with individual councils with regard to their respective council areas.


Preliminary concept plans

Follow up community feedback sessions were held in mid-July to ask for feedback on the preliminary concept plans.

The master plan options have been designed by a professional team of urban designers, architects, landscape architects, community and social management experts and urban planners.

The work has been reviewed by the M4 East Urban Design Review Panel, consisting of representatives from the Office of Government Architect NSW, Heritage Council, RMS, independent experts and councils. Coordination with Greater Sydney Commission and council technical staff has occurred during design development phases.

SMC will continue to liaise with stakeholders and the community as we move towards the detailed design phase of each project.

Have your say

To find out more about the proposed master plans for each precinct, view the interactive map and provide your feedback. Drop your comments on the concept plans for the different Legacy Project precincts.

Each plan contains a summary of the consultation findings as well as the community wish list which was a result of the first round of workshops as well other M4 East consultation.

For some sites, the views of workshop participants are not entirely aligned with the recommendation of the project team – your input on these sites will help to inform the detailed designs. If possible, please include the reason for your preference or suggestion.


How to use the interactive map


How can I find out more?

If you have any questions - or if you would like some help with the interactive map - email or phone toll free on 1800 660 248. 




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