The M4 East Legacy Project

Sydney Motorway Corporation has been working with local councils to consider options for the future public use of residual land parcels along the M4 East corridor.  

In our previous consultation with the community, we advised that the land required for the construction of the M4 East tunnels would be remediated and returned to Roads and Maritime Services.

In an effort to leave a positive legacy on the communities we have impacted along the corridor, while also meeting our Conditions of Approval,  we are now investigating options for future use of the land by the community, subject to Roads and Maritime Services' approval. 

The goal of the project team is to think beyond the motorway and provide safe, vibrant and well-designed active spaces for the community.

In early 2017, we sought expressions of interest  from community members interested in attending targeted workshops about the potential community use of residual land in their local area.


Two preliminary workshops were held in early March - one for the Haberfield/Ashfield area and one for the Concord/Homebush/North Strathfield area.

Councils were also invited to participate in a seperate workshop of the same type, and were also consulted individually. 

Participants were provided with maps and asked to develop a mini "master-plan" for the area, considering:

  • existing issues in the community as well as those arising from the M4 East
  • the suitability of the proposed land use options based on community needs and gaps in local infrastructure, services and recreation.

Each group nominated a spokesperson who then presented their ideas to the room. 

What happens next?

SMC will be reviewing the workshop material to inform the development of concept ideas for each of the Legacy project areas before returning to the participants and the councils, and eventually the wider community, for more feedback.

There will be some limitations based on logistical factors such as the size of the land and the requirement for ongoing maintenance.

How can I found out more?

To find out more about this initiative and the registration process, please phone toll free on 1800 660 248 or visit