WestConnex M4 tolls

Motorists using the New M4 between Parramatta and Homebush will have a one-month toll-free period when it opens. 

One month after opening in mid-2017, a distanced-based toll will apply to trips between Church Street and Homebush Bay Drive, so you only pay for what you use. For cars, the toll ranges from $1.77 to $4.56.

The distance-based toll is for the New M4 only. There is no toll west of Parramatta, meaning more than 80 per cent of the M4 remains free.


Entry/ExitChurch StreetJames ruse drivesilverwater roadhill roadhomebush bay drive
church street $2.06$3.22$3.77$4.56
james ruse drive$2.06 $2.38$2.93$3.72
silverwater road$3.22$2.38 $1.77$2.56
hill road$3.77$2.93$1.77 $2.01
homebush bay drive$4.56$3.72$2.56$2.01 


entry/exitchurch streetjames ruse drivesilverwater roadhill roadhomebush bay drive
church street $6.18$9.66$11.31$13.67
james ruse drive$6.18 $7.13$8.78$11.15
silverwater road$9.66$7.13 $5.30$7.66
hill road$11.31$8.78$5.30 $6.01
homebush bay drive$13.67$11.15$7.66$6.01