How to pay the M4 toll

Distance-based tolls are in place on the New M4. For faster trips on the New M4 between Parramatta and Homebush, motorists need a working electronic toll tag or pass correctly fitted to your vehicle. You can use any toll tag product on the New M4.

If your vehicle does not have a tag or pass, you can order an E-Toll tag or eMU Pass from our preferred tag partner, Roads and Maritime Services.

If you have an existing toll tag account, please make sure your licence plate is linked to the account by contacting your e-tag provider

Need to pay a WestConnex toll?

There are different ways to pay your WestConnex toll depending on when you travelled.

Less than three days ago

You can pay your toll online by visiting or calling on 13 18 65.

Between four and seven days ago

If you travelled on the New M4 four to seven days ago, you can pay your toll by opening an E-Toll account or linking your vehicle to an existing tag account.

Seven days or more ago

If you travelled on the New M4 more than a week ago, you will receive a toll notice in the mail. To pay a reduced administration fee, open a tag account and pay the toll with your account.

What is a toll notice?

The easiest way to travel on the New M4 is with a working electronic tag or pass.

If you drive on the New M4 without an electronic tag or pass, and do not pay the toll within three days, a toll notice may be issued. The letter will request payment of the toll and an administration fee as follows:

  • If you pay with an electronic tag account:  Toll + $1.10 administration fee
  • If you want to pay another way: Pay the toll + $10.00 administration fee.

If no action is taken to the first notice, a final toll notice may be sent. The letter will request payment of the toll and a $20 administration fee. You are able to reduce this fee by opening an electronic tag account. 

If the toll is not paid by the due date, you may be issued a penalty notice from Revenue NSW for $180. For your options on the different ways to finalise your fine, please visit Revenue NSW.

What to do if your E-Toll tag does not beep

Because the toll is based on how far you travel on this section of motorway, you will hear two beeps- one when you enter and one when you leave the motorway.

If your tag does not beep, there may be a problem with your tag so we recommend you contact your tag provider. If you have an E-Toll account, make sure your tag is fitted correctly and if the problem persists, call 13 18 65 or visit a Service NSW Centre. If the tag is faulty due to low battery or a technical fault, it may be replaced free of charge.