Case study: St Lukes Park, Concord

In early 2016, WestConnex delivered these new hockey facilities at St Lukes Park in Concord.

The new world-class hockey field is accompanied by an amenities building, terraced spectator seating, lighting towers, two viewing mounds, new car parking and disabled access.

The new facilities were built to accommodate a midway tunnelling point for the M4 East at nearby Cintra Park, where the hockey club was previously located.

Improving active transport options

WestConnex includes a significant investment in cycle and pedestrian paths. This will improve connectivity and safety by providing about 14km of new and improved pedestrian and cycle paths in the St Peters area, including:

  • A new cycling and pedestrian (shared) bridge over Alexandra Canal, linking Mascot town centre with St Peters and Sydney Park
  • A new land bridge over Campbell Road in St Peters, linking new green space created by WestConnex to Sydney Park
  • Cycling lanes and wider footpaths on Campbell Street and Campbell Road with new landscaped verges
  • Better access to St Peters Public School, with a safer, signalised pedestrian crossing, wider footpaths and off-street parking
  • Upgraded shared paths in Beverly Grove Park at Kingsgrove.

These upgrades and new paths will significantly improve the links for residents of St Peters, Alexandria and Mascot.

We will also be providing new cycling, pedestrian and shared paths in Rozelle. The design of these new facilities is in the early stages.

St Lukes hockey field construction