Partnering with communities

As part of the commitment of the broader WestConnex project to connect communities, Sydney Motorway Corporation has established the Community Connections Program.  

Community Connections supports initiatives and programs aimed at providing benefits to the economies, communities and environments impacted by and benefiting from WestConnex. The overarching objectives of the program are to contribute to liveable communities and to maximise equitable training and employment opportunities.

The Community Connections Program is aligned to the WestConnex Sustainability Strategy and supports initiatives to deliver outcomes in five key areas:

  • Health 
  • Environment 
  • Safety 
  • Cultural heritage 
  • Economic development 

Two foundation elements of the program are the Community Grant Scheme and our Community Partnerships.

Community grants

Our community grant scheme was established to help groups and organisations deliver positive outcomes providing a legacy for people in and around WestConnex. The scheme involves Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) providing grants of up to $7,000 to eligible organisations along the WestConnex corridor. To date we have awarded 180 grants including:

  • Helping Newington Public School build a new outdoor play area for students, 
  • Purchasing a new water tank for the Concord Community Garden, 
  • Supporting Breakfast Point Men's Shed to build rehabilitation equipment for Balmain Hospital, and
  • Purchasing gardening equipment so social enterprise, WISE Employment could expand its operations and employ local disadvantaged job seekers.

Not all organisations and groups will be eligible for a grant and applications will be assessed against a clear set of objectives and criteria. For further information, read the case studies below and go to the Sydney Motorway Corporation website.

Community partnerships

Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) may partner with organisations, events or activities that are aligned with its values and objectives as outlined in our Sustainability Strategy. The focus of these partnerships is to support organsations that deliver programs, which bring benefits to communities in western Sydney and support skills and education development. In line with this, Sydney Motorway Corporation has partnered with the following:

Wests Tigers Community Program 
We are proud to be a community partner of the Wests Tigers. This partnership has ensured the expansion of their world class programs, which deliver a range of initiatives focusing on healthy living, grassroots and education for people living in south west and western Sydney. In 2017, they reached over 100,000 people.

We’re working with the GIANTS to deliver GIANTS Care -  community programs achieving health, harmony, education and employment outcomes for the people of Western Sydney. In 2017, more than 32,000 people directly benefited through a variety of programs, events and initiatives.

Education and skills building

Sydney Motorway Corporation is driving initiatives and opportunities that build skills, provide employment opportunities and encourage students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

SMC has also teamed up with industry partners to deliver Engineers Australia - Experience It and the WestConnex Training Academy to ensure a lasting skills legacy. For further information, see Skills and training.

SMC is working with the KARI Foundation to offer the WestConnex Indigenous Driver program to help disadvantaged youth obtain their provisional driver's licence. 

SMC has also partnered with Blue Datto to offer their 'Keeping Safe' driver program to year 10 students in western Sydney and along the M4 project corridor.

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