Early design work underway on M4-M5 Link

Over the past few months, we have been carrying out geotechnical and other investigations and a consultation program to help us design the M4-M5 Link.

These investigations are ongoing and are critical in enabling us to provide more detailed information for your local community to consider.

The M4-M5 Link will be designed to reduce congestion in and around City West Link, Anzac Bridge and Victoria Road and improve local connectivity between key open space precincts such as Easton Park and Bicentennial Park.

As a result of this early investigation and design work, some key principles for the project can be confirmed:

  • An interchange is planned within the Rozelle Rail Yard – this would not require residential property acquisition in Lilyfield Road or on City West Link, but will require acquisition of some commercial properties
  • We plan to build most of the Rozelle Interchange in tunnel and cover it, creating new green space for the local community – up to five times the size of Easton Park
  • An underground road link is planned to join the Rozelle Interchange and Victoria Road, next to the Iron Cove Bridge; dramatically reducing traffic on this section of Victoria Road by almost 50 per cent. This new feature would require the acquisition of some residential and commercial properties
  • The project will improve access for local residents to key public transport services including light rail and Sydney Metro as well as providing dedicated bus lanes on Victoria Road

These features are in the early stages of design. We have been in touch with local residents and business owners who may be directly impacted.

To get involved and share your ideas for the project, please visit our engagement webpage