Environmental Management on WestConnex

Environmental Management is key to the successful delivery of the WestConnex projects. We have invested in project-specific environmental professionals to develop and operate under robust environmental management systems that advise, guide, monitor and report on our environmental obligations. 

For a consolidated view of project specific environmental information such as management plans, compliance tracking reports, licences and conditions of approval, please click on the relevent link below:

WestConnex is being delivered in accordance with:

  • The measures identified in the related Environmental Impact Statement and Submissions and Preferred Infrastructure Report
  • The Conditions of Approvals set out by the Department of Planning and Environment and the Minister for Planning
  • The related project Environmental Protection Licences.

Our key stakeholders and regulators include:

  • The NSW Environment Protection Authority, which monitors compliance with the Environmental Protection Licences and regulates environmental performance
  • NSW Department of Planning and Environment, which monitors compliance with the conditions of project approval and mitigation measures agreed to during planning approval
  • Australian Department of the Environment and Energy, which regulates national environmental laws.

The WestConnex Strategic Environmental Review identifies the major environmental benefits and key challenges associated with WestConnex. 

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