Fighting fit at any age

In January 2017, Sydney Motorway Corporation provided a grant to Concord Senior Citizens Club to purchase four new playing tables for its table tennis group, so the group’s 50 or so members can continue to be active in a social and supportive environment.

Before the new tables were purchased, the group’s tables were in poor condition and posed a safety risk for the fighting-fit members, aged between 60 and 85 years.

Concord Senior Citizens Club was established in 1967 and provides a venue for seniors residing in the City of Canada Bay Local Government Area to meet and participate in various activities such as exercise and craft classes. The Club fosters a safe and inclusive environment and welcomes seniors from all walks of life, ethnic groups and backgrounds.

The Club’s initiative aligns with Sydney Motorway Corporations’ sustainability objectives to improve health and safety outcomes for local people.

"Table tennis is one of the club’s most popular activities. Thanks to the to the Sydney Motorway Corporation, we can continue to provide this opportunity for our members to get together in a social environment and stay fit and active.”

Barry Ford, Vice President and Treasurer