Protecting local heritage on the New M5

WestConnex is committed to reducing the impacts of the New M5 project on local communities and their neighbourhoods. A number of heritage properties were acquired for the New M5 project in St Peters. 

Two Heritage Salvage Reports were prepared to provide information on the process undertaken to identify and recover the items for salvage. The reports are available on the WestConnex website here and here and outline the methodology implemented to meet the New M5 Conditions of Approval. 

Approximately 460 items were salvaged from heritage listed residential properties including fireplaces, window frames, front doors, chimney pots and veranda railings and documented in a New M5 Heritage salvage catalogue

Throughout April and May 2017, community members had the opportunity to register their interest in items detailed in the New M5 Heritage salvage catalogue. The items were offered to the community free of charge.

Items were allocated to community members who registered an interest in the following order of preference:

  1. Former property owners who had their property acquired by the New M5 project and who registered an interest in items from the property they previously owned were automatically successful.
  2. Applicants who had their property acquired by the New M5 project and who registered an interest in items from another property acquired by the New M5 project had second priority.
  3. Applicants who own property in St Peters and who registered an interest in items salvaged from within the suburb where they own property will had third priority.
  4. Applicants who own property in the vicinity of the New M5 project had fourth priority.
  5. Any other applicant from Metropolitan Sydney was considered if no applicants from the above four categories registered interest in an item.

Where multiple applications from community members who fell into the same category from the list above, a lottery system was used to allocate the item. O'Connor Marsden and Associates were engaged by Sydney Motorway Corporation to independently manage the allocation process and proberty.

As per the New M5 Condition of Approval – B34, the project must salvage laminated beams from the Rudders Bond Store prior to demolition. Up to 20 beams will be salvaged, agreed in consultation with the Office of Environment and Heritage.

Salvage will occur during the demolition works, under the direction of appropriate experts including materials engineers and conservators, structural engineers and heritage specialists.

The Urban Design and Landscape Plan will outline concepts for the re-use of the beams. The Heritage Interpretation Strategy recommends Sydney Park as a potential site for an interpretative installation of the beams.