Kicking goals for Western Sydney

We live in a growing city.  WestConnex is part of an integrated transport plan to keep Sydney moving –  easing congestion, creating jobs and connecting communities. The new motorway will provide crucial support for our city's long-term economic and population growth. 

Currently, some of the key motorways that Western Sydney motorists rely on are congested for up to 13 hours a day. When WestConnex is complete, people will be able to drive from Penrith all the way to Haberfield without a single traffic light.

Not only will motorists save close to 15 minutes on a morning peak city-bound trip on the widened section of the M4, they will also bypass the notorious bottleneck where the M4 merges with Parramatta Road, and those travelling from Liverpool to South Sydney will find their travel times slashed by half an hour.

Stop-start traffic is frustrating for many drivers, but deep below Parramatta Road and the M5 East, we're working around the clock to give Sydney drivers the choice of using underground motorways - traffic light free.

WestConnex will:

  • Widen the M4 between Parramatta and Homebush and extend it in underground tunnels between Homebush and Haberfield
  • Double road capacity along the M5 East corridor with the New M5 underground tunnels running between St Peters and Kingsgrove
  • Join these underground routes together via the M4–M5 Link tunnel to form a seamless motorway without traffic lights
  • Provide a western bypass of the Sydney central business district (CBD)
  • Provide connections to the Western Harbour Tunnel and BeachesLink
  • Provide a connection to Sydney Airport and Port Botany via Sydney Gateway

Key benefits 

Creating 900 jobs

Driving our economy and creating jobs

  • Support Sydney’s long-term economic growth with improved motorway access and connections to western Sydney and key employment hubs across the city
  • Provide vital links to Sydney’s major international gateways at Sydney Airport and Port Botany
  • Deliver over 10,000 jobs – directly and indirectly
  • Make life easier for hundreds of tradies, couriers and freight operators who rely on Sydney’s roads every day.
Returning local streets

Connecting communities 

  • Shift through traffic and heavy vehicles to the underground motorway, returning local streets to local communities
  • Provide over 14 kilometres of new and upgraded cycle and pedestrian paths, linked to existing cycleways
  • Enable new public transport options in key corridors including along Parramatta and Victoria Roads.
Travel time reduced by 40 mins from Parra to Sydney airport

Easing congestion 

  • Provide extra motorway capacity for through traffic, reducing the strain on local roads
  • Remove bottlenecks and relieve congestion for hundreds of thousands of road users struggling in traffic every day
  • Improve the speed, reliability and safety of travel across the city
  • Reduce the $6 billion annual cost of congestion in Sydney
  • Provide a bypass of up to 52 sets of traffic signals.
Better and more reliable trips for people, businesses and freight

Making Sydney a more liveable city

  • Reduce traffic on local streets, creating opportunities for urban renewal and improved public and active transport options
  • Deliver more than 18 hectares of new recreational green space for local communities
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 610,000 tonnes per annum
  • Reduce traffic on surface roads, creating opportunities for urban renewal and improved public and active transport options
  • Provide for the future by including connections for the proposed Western Harbour Tunnel and proposed F6 Motorway extension.