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The M4-M5 Link will connect the extended M4 Motorway at Haberfield with the New M5 in St Peters, easing congestion on Victoria Road and City West Link and improving local connections across the inner west. Sydney Motorway Corporation is undertaking a comprehensive engagement program to support the development of a design for WestConnex M4-M5 Link. The M4-M5 Link will carry an estimated 105,000 trips each day underground, removing this traffic from surface roads in Sydney’s inner west. For local residents, this means the M4-M5 Link will: 

  • Provide up to 10 hectares of parkland on top of the interchange at Rozelle
  • Connect the neighbourhoods of Annandale, Lilyfield and Rozelle
  • Encourage new business to the popular business and shopping corridor on Victoria Road, Rozelle
  • Improve travel time and reliability.

WestConnex M4-M5 Link is part of the NSW Government’s vision for supporting Sydney’s growing population

Our engagement journey

Consultation on the WestConnex program of work began during 2013, in support of early project development and the initial WestConnex Strategic Business Case. Early indicative designs for the M4-M5 Link were included in the Executive Summary of the 2013 Strategic Business Case and the 2015 WestConnex Updated Strategic Business Case.

The State significant infrastructure application for WestConnex M4-M5 Link was lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment in early 2016, which marked the start of more detailed, project-specific consultation with the stakeholders and the community.

Consultation over the coming months will follow our engagement principles and the ideas and feedback gathered will be considered during the project planning, design and environmental assessment process. 

A range of tools are used to support communication and engagement, including:

  • Community updates
  • Media releases
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Email blasts
  • An online collaborative map
  • Community ideas sessions
  • Stakeholder briefings
  • WestConnex Facebook page.

Early engagement in July and August 2016

In July 2016, the NSW Premier announced the M4-M5 Link project would include a new interchange at Rozelle, generating up to 10 hectares of new green space for local communities. He also announced the inclusion of an underground link from the Rozelle interchange to Victoria Road at the Iron Cove Bridge, known as the 'Iron Cove Link'.

M4-M5 Link Community Feedback Report

We have collated the ideas and comments, along with our responses to the feedback, into a Community Feedback Report.

Key topics covered in the report include:

  • Public transport
  • Traffic congestion
  • Design
  • Walking and cycling
  • Engagement process
  • Air quality
  • Open space
  • Construction
  • Property
  • Environment and heritage.

The feedback and ideas included in the report will be considered during the project planning, design and environmental assessment.

While consultation is still in the very early stages, we have already incorporated a number of key design changes in response to the community feedback.

The M4-M5 Link design will be available for community feedback in early 2017 and the Environmental Impact Statement will be placed on public exhibition in mid-2017.

Get involved in building your community's future

We are always available to discuss the M4-M5 Link and are happy to hear your ideas for your community's future at any stage.

Contact us to share your views.

Over the coming months, there will be a number of opportunities for you to share your ideas on the outcomes you would like to see for your local community, including your thoughts on local connections, public transport, traffic management, parklands, noise mitigation, air quality, view corridors and other urban design outcomes. Your ideas will be considered during the project planning, design and environmental assessment process. 

M4 M5 link

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