New M4 FAQs

For faster trips on the New M4 between Parramatta and Homebush, motorists will need a working electronic tag or pass correctly fitted in your vehicle.

The new M4 accepts any toll tag products. If you have an existing toll tag account, please make sure your licence plate is linked to the account by contacting your tag provider.

If your vehicle does not have an electronic tag or pass, you can order  order one here

Distance-based tolls apply on the new M4 between Church Street and Homebush Bay Drive. Tolls can be paid with an electronic tag account.

If you do not have an electronic tag or pass, you can order one here

When did you drive on the new M4?How can you pay the toll?

Less than three days ago

You can pay your toll online by visiting or calling on 13 18 65.

Between four and seven days ago

If you travelled on the new M4 four to seven days ago, you can pay your toll by opening an E-Toll account or linking your vehicle to an existing tag account.

Seven days or more ago

If you travelled on the new M4 more than a week ago, you will receive a toll notice in the mail. To pay a reduced administration fee, open a tag account and pay the toll with your account.​​​​​

Because the toll is based on how far you travel on this section of motorway, you will hear two beeps - one when you enter and one when you leave the motorway.

No, ignore the beep. You will not be charged a toll as you did not enter the motorway. 

The WestConnex New M4 is split into two parts. The first is the widened M4 between Parramatta and Homebush, which is complete and opened to traffic. You will be charged a distance-based toll for using this newly upgraded road. The second is the M4 extension from Homebush to Haberfield. Work on this largely underground section is continuing with new infrastructure being installed and toll testing to begin soon. This will include new toll gantries at on and off-ramps for the M4 Motorway east of Homebush Bay Drive. If you pass under a toll gantry along this section of the M4, you won't be tolled until it officially opens to traffic in 2019. If you hear a beep at one of these new gantries, please ignore it. To plan your trip around this section, please visitour traffic changes webpage.

No cashback arrangements will apply on WestConnex motorways.

Part of WestConnex involves delivering the new M4 between Parramatta and Homebush – providing a faster, safer and more reliable motorway for motorists.

The tolls will help to fund the delivery of WestConnex.

The M4 Motorway between Emu Plains and Parramatta will remain untolled – this is over 80 per cent of the motorway.

WestConnex has a distance-based tolling system, like the existing M7 Motorway. Motorists pay only for the sections of the motorway they use and a maximum cap applies.

For faster trips on WestConnex, you will need a working electronic tag or pass correctly fitted in your vehicle.

Your tag or pass will recognise when you pass under a tolling gantry. These are installed at each entry and exit point along WestConnex. You will know your tag has been read because it will make a beep.

A computer then calculates how far you have travelled, how much your toll will be and the trip will be deducted from your account.  

Cars and motorbikes will pay one third of the heavy truck toll, reflecting the greater wear and tear trucks have on the motorway (an approach that is consistent with other Sydney motorways).

For the current toll estimates, see tolls for WestConnex stages or New M4 Tolls.

For faster trips on WestConnex, you will need a working electronic tag or pass correctly fitted in your vehicle.

This allows us to charge your directly and automatically for your trip on the motorway.

Only once a year. Unlike the majority of Sydney motorways which increase quarterly, WestConnex tolls increase annually on 1 January.  There will be a maximum increase per annum of four per cent or the consumer price index (CPI) – whichever is greater – until 2040. After that, CPI will apply.

Yes. Three new tolling gantries east of Homebush Bay Drive are being tested until the New M4 Tunnels open in 2019. 

Drivers passing through the following toll points should ignore the beep as charges will not apply:

  • Homebush Bay Drive eastbound on-ramp
  • Homebush Bay Drive westbound off-ramp
  • Powells Creek on-ramp

You are legally required to pay a toll

Motorists that travel on the WestConnex tollway must pay the toll and any associated administration charges when they drive on a toll road. The tolls and any charges must be paid via a tag, pass or app. A requirement to pay a toll or charge includes a requirement to pay any administrative charges imposed.

It is an offence for the driver of a vehicle that passes a toll point to not pay a toll or charge payable for the use of the tollway. If you travel on a toll road without making an arrangement to pay the toll within 3 days, the toll recovery process will commence.

Ways to pay a toll

Charges and administrative fees

Video matching fee: 55c video matching fee (when a vehicle does not have a tag and is identified as such) this could be a tagless account, when a tag fails to read, or when a tag is not valid. This is an administrative charge to assist in recovering the cost of collecting the toll in this manner.

Toll Notices

A Toll Notice may be issued to the registered operator of the vehicle detected. The letter will request payment of the toll and an administration fee to recover the cost of collecting the toll in this manner.

If you pay with an electronic tag account: Pay the toll + $1.10 toll notice transfer fee per toll infringement (this is a discounted amount).

If you receive a toll notice in the mail:

Toll Notice: $10 toll notice administration fee per toll infringement (or $1.10 (a discounted amount) if transferred to valid tag account).

Final Toll Notice: $20 toll notice administration fee per toll infringement (or $2.20 (a discounted amount) if transferred to valid tag account).​​​

For further information

For further information on toll notices, go to the RMS website.

Other charges

Other charges may be charged by the account issuers and they can be found on their websites. For NSW, these include:

If you want to dispute a charge:

Step 1: Submit your objection or complaint in writing to your tag provider or within 60 days

Step 2: Your enquiry will be handled by Service NSW on behalf of WestConnex with a decision made within 14 days

If you’re not satisfied with the outcome:

Step 3: You can apply for an independent review of the decision within 14 days by writing to

Step 4: The decision will be review by WestConnex with a final decision handed down within 21 days

If you’re still not satisfied with the outcome:

Step 5: Contact the Tolling Customer Ombudsman