Ignore the beep – systems testing on the M4, east of Homebush Bay Drive

7 May 2018

Motorists are advised testing is being carried out on three new toll point structures on the M4 Motorway east of Homebush Bay Drive, as part of the WestConnex New M4 project.

The locations are:

  • Homebush Bay Drive eastbound on-ramp;
  • Homebush Bay Drive westbound off-ramp; and
  • Powells Creek on-ramp

Motorists may hear a ‘beep’ from their electronic tag as they pass these gantries.

They are reminded to IGNORE THE BEEP as it is testing only, and TOLLS ARE NOT BEING CHARGED.

The testing will be carried out intermittently over the coming months to ensure accuracy of the system in preparation for the opening of the New M4 tunnels scheduled for next year.

The technology will enable distance-based tolling which is a fairer and more equitable system in which motorists only pay for the section of motorway they use.

Distance-based tolls still apply between Homebush Bay Drive and Church Street, Parramatta.  

The New M4 tunnels will connect to the widened M4 and extend it underground, three lanes in each direction, from Homebush to Haberfield, allowing motorists to bypass the current bottleneck where the M4 ends at Parramatta Road, Concord.

The New M4 tunnels will allow motorists to bypass up to 22 sets of traffic lights and gridlock that motorists face every day when they come off the M4 to a standstill on Parramatta Road at Concord.

When the New M4 opens to traffic, drivers will save up to 20 minutes on a trip from Parramatta to the city.