Navigation technology installed in New M4 Tunnels

22 Jan 2020

In a NSW first, Waze Beacons navigation technology has been switched on in the WestConnex New M4 Tunnels giving motorists access to reliable GPS navigation when travelling underground.   

WestConnex New M4 Operations and Maintenance Manager Peter Redwin said WestConnex has partnered with Waze to install more than 500 navigation Beacons throughout the New M4 mainline tunnels and ramps to ensure location services and navigation apps can keep tracking underground.  

“GPS dropouts on popular smartphone navigation apps will soon be a thing of the past for motorists travelling in the New M4 Tunnels,” Mr Redwin said.  
“We know many people access and rely on navigation apps on their smartphones and that it can be frustrating when they lose their GPS signal underground and they miss their exit or lose their orientation if they’re not familiar with the tunnels.  
“To improve the on-road experience for motorists in Sydney’s newest tunnels we’ve installed technology which produces a Bluetooth signal that helps guide a navigation system on a phone or tablet when a GPS signal hits a blackspot or coverage isn’t available. 
“The technology means motorists can enjoy seamless navigation to correctly guide them to their destination even when they’re 50 metres below the surface.   
“We want to ensure motorists are just as informed during their trips underground, particularly as they approach the on and off ramps and this technology is about helping people move around the motorway as safely and efficiently as possible.”  

Head of the Waze Beacons Program Gil Disatnik said the technology is simple to use. 
“The Waze team and I are pleased to bring the Waze Beacons Program to NSW for the first time,” Mr Disatnik said. “The Waze navigation app can be downloaded for free and is available to anyone with an Android or Apple device,” Disatnik said.  “To access improved navigation motorists simply need to turn on Bluetooth on their device. The Beacons technology will allow motorists to enjoy the benefits of seamless navigation when travelling through the New M4 Tunnels, furthering Waze’s mission of empowering everyone to outsmart traffic together." 

The technology is also available using the Google Maps app on Android devices only, with Apple devices to come online later this year.  

The twin 5.5km New M4 Tunnels have significantly improved travel times for tens of thousands of people each day by providing an express underground route between Homebush and Haberfield.  

The in-tunnel navigation beacon technology will be progressively rolled out across the WestConnex motorway network. 

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