New M4 ramp takes shape over Concord Road

15 Sep 2017

Work to install steel girders for a new on-ramp to the M4 has given motorists a first look at the New M4 interchange at Concord as structures emerge from the ground.

A series of overnight closures has been taking place to allow twin steel girders to be installed which will support concrete deck up to 62 metres in length to form a 200 metre plus bridge.

The bridge is part of the New M4 westbound on-ramp from Concord Road southbound.

New M4 project director Terry Chapman said the Concord Road interchange was rapidly taking shape.

“For the first time, we have girders extending across Concord Road, showing the new ramp which is under construction,” Mr Chapman said.

“When this ramp opens to traffic, motorists travelling southbound on Concord Road will have direct access to the New M4 westbound.

“Currently motorists need to travel through the intersection of Concord and Parramatta roads and then turn left onto the M4 to head west.

“Bypassing two intersections and Parramatta Road will allow motorists make the trip to the M4 faster and more reliable,” he said.

Six girders have been installed so far, with the remaining six to be installed overnight in the coming months. The girders have been manufactured by Western Sydney company S&L Steel using Australian steel.

Around 150 people are working at the Concord surface construction site. Other work taking place at the interchange includes building the new cut and cover tunnel entrance to the New M4.

The New M4 tunnels will connect to the widened M4 and extend it underground, three lanes in each direction, from Homebush to Haberfield, allowing motorists to bypass the current bottleneck where the M4 ends at Parramatta Road, Concord.

The Concord Road interchange will provide access to the New M4 tunnel from Concord Road in both directions, as well as westbound access to the M4 from Concord Road southbound. A new ramp is also under construction from Parramatta Road westbound at North Strathfield to the M4 westbound to replace the on-ramp from Concord Road northbound, which previously provided access to motorists travelling from Strathfield.

When completed, WestConnex will enable motorists to travel along the M4 between Penrith and the edge of the CBD without passing through a single set of traffic lights.