New M4 surface work nears completion

13 Dec 2017

Construction on the second section of WestConnex has made major progress in 2017, with many surface sites transforming into road interchanges for the New M4.

Sydney Motorway Corporation New M4 Project Director Terry Chapman said several surface sections of the New M4 had opened or were about to as the year comes to an end.

“We’ve been opening new sections of infrastructure to both improve connectivity to the M4 and open up areas to allow construction to proceed, which is an essential step on the path to getting the New M4 twin tunnels delivered,” Mr Chapman said.

“Already motorists are benefitting on a new eastbound ramp from Homebush Bay Drive and new eastbound lanes on the M4 between Homebush Bay Drive and Concord Road, which includes travelling over the newly built tunnel entrance and exit ramps for the New M4.

“Moving traffic onto these new sections allows work to progress on the tunnel ramps in the middle of the motorway corridor.

“In addition, a new on-ramp from Parramatta Road at North Strathfield to the M4 westbound is due to open to traffic shortly,” he said.

The ramp will provide faster access to the M4, particularly for motorists travelling from the Strathfield area who previously used the Concord Road on-ramp which closed earlier this year for construction on the New M4.

Later this month, the Sydney Street exit to Concord Road is also expected to move back to its original alignment which will travel over the cut and cover tunnel entrance and exit ramps for the Concord Road interchange, while the remaining twin steel girders to support the new on-ramp from Concord Road to the M4 westbound will be installed in early 2018.

At the eastern end, the Wattle Street interchange has been rapidly taking shape, with traffic lanes moving to different alignments as work progresses and new access introduced for local motorists turning right into Waratah Street from Wattle Street.

“We really thank the local community for their ongoing patience during this work. We’ve made great progress this year and hopefully opening sections of road to motorists along the corridor shows the community that our workforce has been working hard to get construction completed as quickly as possible to minimise impact,” Mr Chapman said.

WestConnex is connecting Sydney. When completed, it will link two of Sydney’s busiest road corridors – the M4 and M5 – providing motorists with a western bypass of the CBD.

The New M4 is scheduled to open to traffic in 2019, with surface work to be completed in the first half of 2018.