Sprinter spirit to mark New M4

25 Feb 2019

An iconic part of the Sydney 2000 Olympics has been refurbished and resurrected to become a new landmark beside the New M4 motorway.

After inspecting the 16-metre high The Sprinter sculpture, Minister for WestConnex Stuart Ayres said the work of art was a memorable installation to mark the 2000 Games, and would now be seen by thousands of commuters every day.

“The towering and impressive work has been installed along the western end of the New M4 motorway between Homebush Bay Drive and Pomeroy Bridge overpass, as part of the WestConnex M4 East Legacy Project,” Mr Ayres said.

The Sprinter was one of three significant works of art commissioned for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, along with two other figures, a gymnast and a Paralympic basketballer, all installed on what was previously known as Centrepoint Tower.
After its removal in 2002, The Sprinter was gifted to the nation and relocated to Sydney Olympic Park.

“As part of a significant consultation process for the WestConnex M4 East, the Sydney Olympic Park Authority requested The Sprinter be located adjacent to the M4 Motorway as clear identifier to the park,” Mr Ayres said.

To ensure The Sprinter can be viewed by eastbound and westbound motorists alike, it will be floodlit at night.

“I expect The Sprinter will become a significant Sydney landmark in its new location, reminding thousands of motorists every day about our wonderful Olympics and letting them know clearly where Sydney Olympic Park is located,” Mr Ayres said.
“As part of the M4 East Legacy project, which increases open and public spaces for local communities, The Sprinter will be a unique and lasting legacy for all of Sydney to enjoy.”

In building the iconinc sculpture’s new home the New M4 Project team worked collaboratively with the original sculptor, Dominique Sutton, as well as workers previously involved with the project almost 20 years ago, which included fitting it out with new LED lights that will shine through the sculpture.

The sculpture was carefully refurbished in a workshop in western Sydney, in consultation with the artist, before being craned into position.

“I am delighted The Sprinter is to become the new gateway sculpture for Sydney Olympic Park,” artist Dominique Sutton said.
“It has been such a pleasure to work alongside some of my original colleagues in what was a defining and iconic work in my career. It is also encouraging to see the continuation of cultural investment in significant public art in Sydney.”

The Sprinter weighs 3.5 tonnes and is a three dimensional steel rendition of an elite athlete. Captured at the moment of speed, it is a startling and unique piece that will continue to attract attention and admiration in its new location.