Western Sydney steel jobs secured

8 May 2017

Minister for WestConnex Stuart Ayres today welcomed the signing of contracts worth $70 million to supply Australian steel to the WestConnex project.

“More than 50,000 tonnes of steel will be produced for WestConnex, that is 19,000 kilometres of steelbars – enough to stretch from Sydney to London,” Mr Ayres.

”The contracts with OneSteel and ARC (Arrium) will ensure that more than 400 western Sydney steel-makers will now have job security thanks to WestConnex.”

Almost 18,000 tonnes of steel has already been supplied by the OneSteel Sydney Mill in Rooty Hill for the New M4 and New M5 Projects.

OneSteel General manager Neil Gibson says his workforce at various Sydney plants are elated by the news.

“Our mills suffered a significant downturn post the global financial crisis, but the WestConnex project means we have employed more people and lifted production,” Mr Gibson said.

“This is about the livelihoods of our people, and their families, this means a lot for our workers who are the heart and soul of this company.”

More than 2,000 semi-trailer loads of steel will be used to reinforce concrete on the project for structures such as roads, tunnels, bridges and pile cages.

“This government is transforming the NSW economy, from a basket-case under Labor, into the engine-room of the nation,” Mr Ayres said.

“The WestConnex story is not just about building the infrastructure that Labor failed to commit to, it’s about supporting the local industries and Sydney families that rely on a thriving economy.”

WestConnex is a 33-kilometre-long motorway which is two-thirds underground. It will widen and extend the M4, duplicate the M5 East and join them together to form a continuous, free-flowing western bypass of Sydney’s central business district.