How to pay for a toll

You are legally required to pay a toll

Motorists travelling on the WestConnex motorway network are required to pay a toll and any associated administration charges. The tolls and any charges can be paid via a tag, pass or app. A requirement to pay a toll or charge includes a requirement to pay any administrative charges imposed.

To pay for travel on WestConnex visit Linkt or call Linkt Customer Care on Linkt customer care 13 33 31

It is an offence for the driver of a vehicle that passes a toll point to not pay a toll or charge payable for the use of the tollway. If you travel on a toll road without making an arrangement to pay the toll within 3 days, the toll recovery process will commence.

Administrative fees

A 55c video matching fee (when a vehicle does not have a tag and is identified as such) applies in a number of circumstances, including a tagless account, when a tag fails to read, or when a tag is not valid. This is an administrative charge to assist in recovering the cost of collecting the toll.

Toll Notices

A Toll Notice may be issued to the registered operator of the vehicle detected. The letter will request payment of the toll and an administration fee to recover the cost of collecting the toll.

If you pay with an electronic tag account: Pay the toll + $1.10 toll notice transfer fee per toll infringement (this is a discounted amount).

If you receive a toll notice in the mail:

Toll Notice:  $10 toll notice administration fee per toll infringement (or $1.10 (a discounted amount) if transferred to valid tag account).

Final Toll Notice: $20 toll notice administration fee per toll infringement (or $2.20 (a discounted amount) if transferred to valid tag account).​​​

To pay your toll notice online visit Linkt

Further information

For general enquiries, account management or further tolling information contact Linkt customer service:

13 33 31

7am–7pm, seven days a week

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