WestConnex projects

M4 Widening

Widening the existing M4 Motorway from Parramatta to Homebush from three to four lanes in each direction. About 160,000 vehicles per day will use the widened M4 by 2031. Today, more than 100,000 vehicles a day use the M4. It is a notorious and frustrating bottleneck, with congestion for up to 13 hours a day just ask any motorist who sits in bumper-to-bumper traffic every day. WestConnex M4 Widening involves building an additional lane in each direction on the M4 Motorway between Parramatta and Homebush.

M4 East

Extending the M4 Motorway in tunnels between Homebush and Haberfield via Concord. Includes provision for the future connection to M4–M5 Link. The project is about 6.5km long (with 5.5km of the motorway in tunnel). The M4 East is the first underground section of WestConnex. It will connect to the widened M4 and extend it via twin motorway tunnels from Homebush to Haberfield with three lanes in each direction. The M4 East will alleviate the frustrating delays and gridlock that motorists face daily when they come off the M4 and hit a standstill on Parramatta Road.

King Georges Road interchange upgrade

Upgrade of the King Georges Road interchange between the M5 West Motorway and the M5 East Motorway at Beverly Hills, in preparation for the New M5 project. Work is being fast-tracked for WestConnex along the M5 East corridor, with the delivery of the King Georges Road interchange upgrade at Beverly Hills, a well-known bottleneck for south-western Sydney motorists.

New M5

Duplicating the M5 East from King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade at Beverly Hills with twin motorway tunnels from Kingsgrove to a new interchange at St Peters. The St Peters Interchange includes connections to the Sydney Gateway and M4–M5 Link. The New M5 tunnels also include underground connection points for the M4-M5 Link and the proposed Southern Connector. The New M5 will provide twin underground motorway tunnels, nine kilometres long, from Kingsgrove to a new St Peters Interchange at the site of the old Alexandria landfill facility. The new interchange at St Peters will provide motorists with connections to Alexandria and Mascot.

M4-M5 Link

Tunnels connecting to the M4 East at Haberfield and New M5 at St Peters via Rozelle and Camperdown. Includes an interchange at Rozelle with provision for a future connection to the Western Harbour Tunnel and BeachesLink. The project also includes an underground tunnel from the Rozelle Interchange to Iron Cove Bridge. Construction of the M4–M5 Link will not start until 2019, following extensive community feedback and consultation and pending planning approval. During the coming months we will be consulting with the local community and key stakeholders to develop a reference design and we plan to release this in late 2016.