M4-M5 Link Tunnels

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M4-M5 Link Tunnels

(Haberfield to St Peters)

Also referred to as M4-M5 Link Mainline Tunnels.

Tunnels connecting the New M4 at Haberfield and the New M5 at St Peters. 

The M4-M5 Link is being delivered in two stages:

  • Stage one - construction of the M4-M5 Link Tunnels between the New M4 at Haberfield and the New M5 at St Peters and stub tunnels to the Rozelle Interchange. This stage is being managed by Sydney Motorway Corporation.
  • Stage two - construction of the Rozelle Interchange and Iron Cove Link. This stage is being managed by Roads and Maritime Services.

The M4-M5 Link Tunnels project is the final and most critical component of WestConnex, featuring twin tunnels between the New M4 at Haberfield and the New M5 at St Peters. Each tunnel will be approximately 7.5 kilometres long and able to accommodate up to four lanes of traffic in each direction. The M4-M5 Link Tunnels will be delivered as a stand-alone project, and provide an additional 2.5 hectares of green space in St Peters.

Environment and planning 

The M4-M5 Link Tunnels received NSW planning approval in April 2018.

Project history 

Project stats

Current status: Approved
Construction start: 2018
Open to traffic (pending planning approval): Early 2023^

* Based on WestConnex Road Traffic Model V2.1, WestConnex Updated Strategic Business Case, November 2015
^ WestConnex Updated Strategic Business Case, November 2015
^^ Between Haberfield and Rozelle

Industry partners

    Design and construct contract: Lendlease Samsung Bouygues Joint Venture 
    Operations and maintenance contract: Commitment deed in place with Fulton Hogan and Egis Joint Venture
    Tolling contracts: TBA

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Tolls will be charged once new or significantly upgraded sections of road are opened to motorists. The new M4 (Parramatta to Homebush) opened in July 2017, with a one-month toll-free period. Distance-based tolls apply on the new M4.

We will advise motorists before any tolls are introduced on other sections of WestConnex. 

In 2013, King Street was identified in the Sydney Clearways Strategy for further investigation of possible extended weekday and weekend clearways, based on an assessment of traffic volumes and travel speeds at that time.   

It is understood that when the M4-M5 Link is complete in 2023, daily weekday traffic volumes are forecast to decrease on King Street with 4000 vehicles removed (compared to without the project).

As a result, there are no plans to change the existing clearways on King Street, Newtown, at this time.

Roads and Maritime has not carried out further investigations for clearways on King Street at Newtown.

The M4–M5 Link geotechnical investigations are being carried out as ‘exempt development’ under clause 97(i)(h) of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 (ISEPP) in accordance with clause 20 of the ISEPP. No Environmental Management Plan is required for ‘exempt development’ under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

In a number of places, the investigations are being carried out under the Roads Act 1993, including under sections 71, 72 and 25.