King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade

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King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade

Upgrade of the King Georges Road Interchange between the M5 West Motorway and the M5 East Motorway at Beverly Hills, in preparation for the New M5 project.

Work was fast-tracked for WestConnex along the M5 East corridor, with the delivery of the King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade at Beverly Hills, a well-known bottleneck for south-western Sydney motorists.

Environment and planning 

NSW planning approval was granted in March 2015 and work started on the project in July 2015. 

Project history

  • April 2017: Shared path and landscaping completed along the M5 East Linear Park, near the King Georges Road interchange.   
  • December 2016: The last of the ugraded M5 ramps to King Georges Road opened to traffic.  
  • October 2016: The upgraded M5 Westbound off-ramp to King Georges Road opened to traffic.   
  • September 2016: The King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade draft Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP) Part 2B: Implementation of Other Improvements was released for public comment. 
  • December 2015:  The King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP) – Part 1: Construction was prepared in consultation with the community and approved by the Department of Planning and Environment. 
  • July 2015: Construction on the King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade started.
  • March 2015: The Department of Planning and Environment assessed the project and the Minister for Planning granted planning approval. 
  • January 2015: A report on the submissions received during the Environmental Impact Statement exhibition period was prepared and lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment.
  • October to November 2014: The Environmental Impact Statement for the King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade was on exhibition for public comment.
  • July 2014: A community update was distributed to local residents and businesses and environmental studies and geotechnical investigations were carried out.
  • May 2014: The planning application for the M5 - King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade was lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment.

Project stats

Project value: $131 million^
Current status: Open to traffic 
Construction start: July 2015
Open to traffic: December 2016

^ WestConnex Updated Strategic Business Case, November 2015

Industry partners

    Design and construct contract: AECOM, construction only: Fulton Hogan 
    Operations and maintenance contract: Maintenance during construction: Fulton Hogan
    Operations and maintenance during operation: Fulton Hogan and Egis Joint Venture
    Tolling contracts: Will be tolled as part of WestConnex New M5, when it opens to traffic

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The WestConnex Community Connections Program includes the WestConnex Community Grant Scheme, which provides grants of up to $10,000 to local groups such as such as schools, sporting associations and social enterprises located in and around the WestConnex project area.

Grant applications are assessed against guidelines, which consider areas including community legacy, connecting communities, building capacity and helping people.

For each WestConnex project, a series of documents including details of the measures to appropriately manage and reduce the impact of the project on local communities. These include: 

  • The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) – the EIS explores the potential environmental impact and outlines measures to manage and reduce this impact based on best practice and expert advice. 
  • The Submissions Report – this responds to all feedback received on the EIS during exhibition. It provides additional mitigation measures needed in response to new information, additional assessment or community feedback. 
  • The Conditions of Approval – in approving each project, the NSW Minister for Planning issues a range of conditions that must be adhered to during and after construction, to ensure impact of the project is mitigated. 
  • The Construction Environmental Management Plan and sub plans – before we start major work, these are prepared to provide a detailed approach to the management of environmental issues. The Department of Planning and Environment must approve these before major construction work can start. They build on the mitigation and management measures established in the EIS, the Submissions Report and Conditions of Approval.

We always notify local communities before we start a new section of work and before we do any out-of-hours work. 

WestConnex is committed to making a meaningful and long term contribution to the communities in which it operates by investing in community-focussed programs during construction of WestConnex.

Legacy is defined as ‘delivering sustainable and lasting benefits to the local economy, community and natural environment’. Legacy projects will be identified and developed in consultation with the community, local councils and community groups.

The planning approval to construct each stage of WestConnex includes conditions to incorporate and deliver social and environmental outcomes including the requirement for an Urban Design and Landscaping Plan, a Social Cohesion Plan, and a Residual Land Management Plan.