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Sydney Gateway

(St Peters to airport and port precinct)

A high-quality, high-capacity connection between the new St Peters Interchange and the Sydney Airport and Port Botany precinct.

The NSW Government is committed to providing Sydney Gateway by 2023.


Roads and Maritime Services is working on an early design for this project. Sydney Gateway will consist of a new road link between the WestConnex St Peters Interchange and Sydney Airport, with connections to Port Botany.

At the same time, Transport for NSW (in collaboration with Australian Rail Track Corporation) has been developing the duplication of the Port Botany Rail Line to support the Moorebank and Enfield Intermodal Terminal projects.

Given the Sydney Gateway road and Port Botany rail duplication corridors are located next to each other, it makes sense to integrate these two projects into a single initiative.

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The NSW Government is committed to providing Sydney Gateway by 2023.

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Geotechnical investigations involve taking core samples from the earth to understand the conditions underground and develop a geological profile of the area. 

We carry out geotechnical drilling along the WestConnex corridor, concentrating on locations where information on the ground conditions is not already available.

Geotechnical investigations involve:

  • Identifying underground services and utilities and marking out locations for each borehole.
  • Setting up a safe work area with appropriate environmental controls.
  • Managing traffic and pedestrians where required to ensure the safety of motorists, residents and workers.
  • Collecting borehole soil and rock samples.

The information gathered helps to inform our designs, and work out the best sub-surface conditions for underground road tunnels.

WestConnex projects will open to traffic in stages between 2017 and 2023. See our Interactive map

Sydney Motorway Corporation's (SMC) Community Connections Program includes the SMC Community Grant Scheme, which provides grants of up to $10,000 to local groups such as such as schools, sporting associations and social enterprises located in and around the WestConnex project area.

Grant applications are assessed against guidelines, which consider areas including community legacy, connecting communities, building capacity and helping people.