Protecting local heritage on the M4 East

We are committed to reducing the impacts of WestConnex on local communities and their neighbourhoods.  As part of this commitment we have salvaged heritage items and features from properties acquired in Haberfield, Ashfield, Concord and North Strathfield. Some of these items will be reused in the urban design works. The remaining items were made available to the community free of charge. Our delivery contractor is in the final stages of delivering the items to successful applicants.

The heritage salvage process

A heritage expert was engaged to provide guidance on the salvage process and make the final decision on which items were salvaged.  All items identified by the heritage expert have been photographed and their details recorded.  The heritage salvage process and the items identified are documented in a detailed Heritage salvage report.

A Heritage Salvage Catalogue listing more than 250 items including fireplaces, stained glass windows, front doors, chimney pots and pallets of roof tiles was published in September 2016. About 60 non-heritage supplementary items were also included in the catalogue.
Distributing heritage items

Community members were invited to register their interest in obtaining items from the catalogue, by completing a registration form. In order to participate, applicants provided a copy of a recent rates notice with the registration form, as evidence of property ownership.

We received a fantastic response from community members and former property owners interested in the salvaged heritage and supplementary items, with almost 350 applications received.

These salvaged heritage items were allocated to the interested community members in order of preference (as outlined in the image below). In cases where no previous property owner expresses an interest in an item and multiple community members have applied, a lottery-style system was used to determine the successful applicant.

The lottery process was managed by a probity officer from O'Connor & Marsden Associates.  


Heritage Salvage Timeline 2

Reuse, recycle 

In line with the WestConnex Sustainability Strategy, our goal is to ensure that as much building material as possible is recycled and re-used. About 90 per cent of the non-heritage building materials from cleared properties on the M4 East project were separated for future recycle and reuse. This means less cost to taxpayers and less material being dumped into landfill.

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