The safety of workers, the community and road users is our number one priority during design, construction and operation of WestConnex.  To enhance safety, we follow the latest industry engineering, work and safety practices, as well as the relevant work, health and safety (WHS) legislation, standards and codes of practice. 

To ensure a safe journey, our motorway tunnels will include:

  • A central motorway control centre to manage the operation of the motorway
  • The latest traffic monitoring and management systems – including automatic video-based incident detection and closed circuit television (CCTV) systems
  • Signs to indicate speed limits, direct lane use and provide information to motorists
  • Air quality monitoring and management systems
  • Incident and emergency response equipment like smoke extraction facilities and sprinklers
  • Motorway emergency telephones at regular intervals or where needed
  • Over-height vehicle detection system at tunnel entrances
  • Safety in the New M4 Tunnels


Within WestConnex, our positive safety culture means that we:

  • Keep people informed – we openly collect, analyse and share relevant safety information
  • Maintain vigilance – we look for the unexpected and opportunities to make our environment safer
  • Consult and collaborate – we follow a proactive approach for safety excellence with our contractors, stakeholders and external agencies
  • Promote organisational flexibility and willingness to learn – we evolve to meet changing requirements
  • Promote a just culture environment – we acknowledge human error and work to learn from past mistakes

Where contaminants are identified during construction, contractors manage and remove the materials in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.
For asbestos, this means using an asbestos management plan and asbestos removal control plan.
All contaminated materials are handled by specially trained and licenced professionals and all material removed from site is taken to waste management facilities licensed to receive contaminated materials. 

    Safety Standards

    In December 2016 WestConnex gained certification against the Australian and International Standards for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems AS/NZS4801 and OHSAS18001 demonstrating WestConnex's Work Health and Safety Management Systems have been developed, implemented and maintained in accordance with Australian and International Standards.