Traffic changes while we build WestConnex

We are currently working to improve Sydney's motorways. Traffic changes are sometimes needed to allow construction and other work to take place. We thank you for your patience while construction is underway.

For the latest traffic updates and to help plan your journey, please visit, download the Live Traffic NSW App for iPhone, iPad and Android or call the Traffic Information Line on 132 701. If you'd like to receive regular updates on traffic changes, subscribe to our email service.


Current traffic changes


Ramsay Street reopens

Ramsay Street, Haberfield will reopen to traffic from 9am Sunday 28 May 2017.

Motorists can resume driving along Ramsay Street, between Wattle Street and Walker Avenue, which is now a bridge structure.

Traffic change:

  • The temporary right turn onto Wattle Street southbound (towards Parramatta Road) from Ramsay Street will be removed.

Bus changes:

  • The closed bus stops at the corners of Alt Street and Ramsay Street will reopen.
  • The closed bus stop at the corner of Empire Street and Ramsay Street will reopen.
  • Bus routes 438, 439, L38, L39 will resume their standard timetables and routes from 9am Sunday 28 May 2017.
  • All school buses will resume their standard timetables and routes from Monday 29 May 2017.
  • The free shuttle bus will operate until 9am Sunday 28 May 2017.

Euston Road, Alexandria

From April 2017

There will be changed traffic conditions along Euston Road between Sydney Park Road and Maddox Street from April until mid 2018 including:

  • No right turn at Euston Road northbound into Maddox Street at the traffic lights; a detour via Huntley Street and Bourke Road will be in place
  • One northbound lane closed on Euston Road between Sydney Park Road and Maddox Street
  • No parking on Euston Road northbound between Sydney Park Road and Maddox Street.

Please allow extra travel time if you drive through this area. 

Electricity cable installation along Euston Road, Alexandria 

From May 2017, work will commence to install new electricity cables along Euston Road between Harley Street and Sydney Park Road. Temporary closure of the northbound and southbound fast lanes along Euston Road in the vicinity of the work will be in place. Slow lanes will remain open in both directions at all times. This work is expected to take approximately five months to complete and will consist of day and night time work. 
For more information, see notification here

Concord Road entry to M4 Motorway closed

The M4 Motorway westbound on-ramp from Concord Road was closed permanently on Friday, 17 March 2017. The closure is allowing us to build a new on-ramp at Powells Creek, which will open later in the year.

Motorists are still able to access the M4 Motorway westbound from:

  • Homebush Bay Drive
  • Silverwater Road
  • Parramatta Road junction, Concord

Please allow extra travel time if you drive through this area. 


Traffic changes: M4 Motorway westbound

From Saturday 11 February 2017, drivers travelling west on the M4 Motorway started using the new elevated roadway.

Westbound lanes on the existing M4 Motorway are closed while construction work continues.

Exiting at James Ruse Drive

If you are exiting the M4 Motorway onto James Ruse Drive, you need to be in the far right lane. The exit will be on your right. View a map of the changes.

To return to James Ruse Drive if you miss the exit, take the Burnett Street off-ramp near Merrylands then turn right on Burnett Street and right onto the eastbound M4 on-ramp.

For heavy vehicles, the next available exit will be the Cumberland Highway.

Please allow extra travel time if you drive through this area. 


Traffic changes: Homebush Bay Drive at the M4 Motorway

A new ramp opened on Homebush Bay Drive on Saturday, 28 January 2017.

The looped ramp (G-loop) provides direct, traffic light-free access to the M4 Motorway for drivers heading west towards Parramatta.

Drivers will need to make sure they are in the far left-hand lane on Homebush Bay Drive in order to access the G-loop.

Please drive carefully if you travel through this area. Remain alert and follow the signs.

New M4 on ramp at Homebush Bay Drive


Lane changes: M4 Motorway and Parramatta Road intersection 

The right-hand turn from the kerbside lane on Parramatta Road westbound at the M4 Motorway intersection is not available. This leaves two dedicated right turning lanes. The kerbside lane is now a through lane only.

The merge lane on M4 Motorway westbound will also be shortened to 40 metres for traffic turning left from Parramatta Road. Motorists entering should use care. 

These closures will remain in place until the opening of WestConnex M4 East in early 2019.


Sydney Street exit from the M4 at Concord

A realigned exit from the M4 Motorway eastbound onto Sydney Street, Concord was introduced in November 2016. Take extra care and follow the signs provided. 


Changed traffic conditions on Parramatta Road

Allow extra travel time on Parramatta Road

If you use Parramatta Road, be prepared. We’re building twin tunnels for the M4 East between Homebush and Haberfield from different locations along Parramatta Road. Trucks supporting this work will use main roads to reduce traffic on local roads.

There are also a number of lane closures and changes in place to support construction activity including: 

The closure of 450 metres of a westbound lane on Parramatta Road between Ashfield Park and Bland Street at Ashfield. This section will remain closed until the M4 East opens in 2019.
One of three eastbound lanes between Bland Street and Rogers Avenue, Haberfield is closed, as it forms a right-turn bay for trucks accessing our construction site on Parramatta Road.



Local street changes

A number of changes to local streets have taken place to support construction of the M4 East. Please allow extra travel time when driving on these local streets and be prepared. 

These include:

Ashfield Chandos StreetClosed between Parramatta Road and 77 Chandos StreetTo establish site and construct Wattle Street Interchange access ramps
ConcordEdward StreetCu-de-sac re-located about 60 metres eastTo establish construction site and construct Concord Road Interchange access ramps and on-ramp bridge 
ConcordAda StreetConverted to a no-through streetTo provide construction site access
HaberfieldAllum StreetClosed at Wattle StreetTo establish site and construct Parramatta Road interchange access ramps 
HaberfieldMartin StreetConverted to a no-through street. Access only via Wattle StreetTo construct laydown area for plant and equipment and location of the new water main 
Haberfield Northcote StreetClosed between Parramatta Road and 5 Northcote StreetTo establish tunnelling site 
HomebushIsmay AvenueCul-de-sac removed Cut-and-cover tunnel construction; tunnel spoll haulage route; tunnel and civit sites
HomebushWentworth Road SouthOne-way traffic for six monthsTo pile for the new retaining wall, and construct new permanent noise wall 
North Strathfield Concord LaneConcord Lane south of Carrington Lane closed. Access to Carrington Lane maintained To construct Concord Road interchange tunnel entry and exit 
North Strathfield Taylor Lane and Young Street Closed To construct Concord Road interchange tunnel access ramps