Tunnels will not impact Newtown's heritage

We would like to clarify some myths about the M4-M5 Link and Newtown's heritage.

Putting the M4-M5 Link in underground tunnels deep below Newtown will have significantly less impacts compared to a surface road.

  • The tunnel will be approximately 40-50 metres below the surface.
  • All properties within 50 metres from the outer edge of the tunnels will be offered a pre and post construction property condition survey. Any damage attributed to the project will be repaired at no cost to the property owner.
  • Like many suburbs across the M4-M5 Link corridor, the ground under Newtown is mostly sandstone so it is less likely that you will hear or feel the construction or operation.
  • There will be two tunnels with four lanes each way.
  • The interchange at Camperdown has been removed.
  • The entries and exits to the tunnels will be at Haberfield, Rozelle and St Peters only.
  • There will be no compulsory residential property acquisition in Newtown.