WestConnex and Sydney Park

WestConnex is not being built on Sydney Park.

  • The St Peters interchange is being built at a former contaminated industrial landfill site that is being progressively remediated.
  • Without WestConnex and its local road upgrades, the roads around St Peters and Mascot would not be able to accommodate future traffic demands. 
  • To upgrade Euston Road, vegetation will be cleared on land beside Sydney Park. The majority of land has been owned by Roads and Maritime Services for more than thirty years- well before Sydney Park was transferred to Council in 1991.
  • A small parcel of land, approximately 1,500 square metres on the boundary of the park, is being used to complete the upgrade of Euston Road.
  • The land for the long overdue widening of Euston Road represents less than half a percent of the 40-hectre park.
  • As part of the St Peters interchange, we will deliver an additional 85,000 square metres of open green space. This will be connected to Sydney Park by a new land bridge over Campbell Road.
  • We will also provide a green corridor link between Sydney Park and Camdenville Park, with high quality separated cycle ways and footpaths and landscaped open space.
  • The new green space more than off-sets the land needed to widen Euston Road.