• Easing congestion

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    Up to 52 traffic lights bypassed

  • Connecting Communities

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    More time with family

  • Creating jobs

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    Almost 10,000 jobs created

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Construction will commence in 2015

Stage 1

WestConnex M4 open in 2019

Stage 2

WestConnex M5 open in 2019

Stage 3

WestConnex M4 South open in 2023

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Did you know?

Property Acquisition

WestConnex is being built underground or on reserved road corridors where possible to minimise property acquisitions and impact on local communities

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Well designed tunnel ventilation outlets have minimal or no effect on local air quality

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WestConnex Stage 2 begins 18 months early

Construction has begun on the King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade, 18 months ahead of schedule. The $130 million project will fix one of the city’s worst bottlenecks.

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