We have invested in project-specific environmental expertise and management systems that advise, guide, monitor and report on the fulfilment of environmental obligations on WestConnex.

Our vision is for WestConnex to be a sustainable, high quality and transformational project for the people of Sydney and NSW. Innovative design will ensure it is sensitively integrated into the natural and built environment, helping contribute to the future liveability of Sydney and built communities.”


WestConnex is being delivered in accordance with:

  • The measures identified in the related Environmental Impact Statement and Submissions and Preferred Infrastructure Report
  • The Conditions of Approvals set out by the Department of Planning and Environment and the Minister for Planning
  • The related project Environmental Protection Licences.

Our key stakeholders and regulators include:

  • The NSW Environment Protection Authority, which monitors compliance with the Environmental Protection Licences and regulates environmental performance
  • NSW Department of Planning and Environment, which monitors compliance with the conditions of project approval and mitigation measures agreed to during planning approval
  • Australian Department of the Environment and Energy, which regulates national environmental laws.

The WestConnex Strategic Environmental Review identifies the major environmental benefits and key challenges associated with WestConnex. 

There are unlikely to be any significant issues that cannot be effectively avoided, managed, minimised and/or mitigated to an acceptable level provided appropriate attention is given to defining clear and transparent performance outcomes at the project planning, design and delivery stages. ”


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