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The M4 Smart Motorway Project uses technology to monitor traffic conditions, fix congestion hotspots and respond to incidents on the M4 and the M8.

The technology includes systems to manage the rate in which vehicles enter the motorway at certain points and variable speed limits based on real time traffic monitoring.

The M4 has this technology embedded along the roadside to ensure motorists are getting the smoothest and safest journey possible. The WestConnex team at the Motorway Control Centre monitors the M4 and the M8 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Smart Motorways make journeys safer and smoother by:

Using Variable Speed Signs to control the speed and direction of traffic 

Emergency breakdown bays are located every 1.5km throughout the tunnel 

Installation of Automatic Vehicle Incident Detection system (AVID) cameras throughout the tunnel can detect if a vehicle is broken down and notifies the MCC staff instantly, allowing WestConnex to deploy incident response crews within minutes 

Constantly monitoring traffic, cameras relay a live traffic feed back to the traffic monitoring team, allowing operators to respond to any condition changes in real time

Variable Message Signs display real time travel information for motorists 

Access Bluetooth navigation technology underground in the M4 Tunnels, the M8 and M5 East.

GPS dropouts on popular smartphone navigation apps are a thing of the past for motorists travelling in the M4 Tunnels, the M8 and the M5 East.

WestConnex partnered with Waze to install more than 1,500 navigation Beacons throughout the M4 Tunnels, the M8 and the M5 East to ensure location services and navigation apps can keep tracking underground.

The technology produces a Bluetooth signal that helps guide a navigation system on a phone or tablet when a GPS signal hits a blackspot or coverage isn’t available.

The in-tunnel navigation beacon technology will be added to the new extensions of the M4 and M8 when the open in early 2023. 

The Waze navigation app can be downloaded for free and is available to anyone with an Android or Apple device. 

Remember to adhere to the road rules

Your mobile phone is only permitted while driving or riding if:

  • It is in a cradle fixed to the vehicle and doesn’t obscure your view of the road.
  • It can be operated without touching any part of the phone, such as via Bluetooth and voice activation.
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